Our services


We provide high-quality translation services in all world languages across all types of subjects. Our products are specifically adjusted according to clients’ demands, including legally certified translations.


We offer high-quality consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. You can rely on our reliability.

Authenticated and legally certified translations

Our standard services include legally certified translations, if necessary also with notarial authentication.

Proofreading Services

In case you are not sure if your translation is correct, especially in terms of grammar and stylistics, we provide you with translation verification, revision and correction services performed by native speakers.

Processing of Documents

In accordance with your specific requirements, we are able to provide all forms of text and graphic processing, including document finishing and preparation for printing.

Terminology glossaries

In case the source language uses any technical terms or phrases for description of your products or services, these have to be maintained in all translated and localized materials. Therefore our services include preparation of terminology glossaries. During the database compilation process, the used expert language is consulted with relevant experts and the client himself, utilizing also up-to-date internet publications in the target language.

Additional services

We process and format translations to your requirements and offer additional translation-related services.

If you have any questions regarding services, please contact us