We offer high-quality consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. You can rely on our reliability.





We liaise with top quality, reliable interpreters for:

  • Negotiations
  • Lectures
  • Dissertation defences
  • Business occasions and events
  • ...and wherever interpreting is needed.



In addition to the service rate, the client is obliged to cover interpreter’s food and accommodation expenses. A standard man-day lasts 8 hours including all breaks and interruptions.

The customer and the provider can agree on a half-day assignment, i.e. 4 hours. In this case, the interpreter’s compensation equals 50 percent of standard daily rate. Any assignment exceeding 4 hours is considered a full man-day. If man-day duration exceeds 8 hours, the minimum increase of standard hour rate is 15 percent for every hour over 8 hours, including partial hour.

Compensation of travelling allowances (travel and food expenses, accommodation, pocket-money etc.) is governed by valid regulations of the Slovak Republic. The customer is obliged to compensate the interpreter for the time spent on official trip outside the place of permanent residence in the amount of 50 per cent of corresponding interpreting fee.

Unless agreed differently between the client and the provider, the client is obliged to provide the interpreter in time prior to the interpreting event with written materials from all the participants of the event. The client is not authorised to demand any activities that were not subject to previous agreement.


If interested in interpreting services, please write us a note or give us a call and we gladly answer all your interpreting-related questions.